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Why LinkedIn is so hot right now

As a branding & marketing professional, LinkedIn certainly lacks the cool factor. Let's face it: the name is a bit cringe, the branding is suuuuuper corporate, and the newsfeed is reminiscent of 2015 Facebook. (Sorry, LinkedIn!)

BUT! What the world's number 1 professional networking site lack in style, it makes up for in substance.

Right now, the social media options kinda stink. The only way to succeed on Facebook is to pay for advertising. Instagram adds new features way too fast to keep up with. TikTok is still for dancing teenagers. So, out of both dire alternatives and true benefits of the platform, LinkedIn is the place to be.

On LinkedIn, you still stand a decent chance of succeeding without paying to advertise, or filming yourself doing a new choreography.

You will, however, need a clear personal brand strategy, a rich content plan (that ideally feeds the feed 5x a week), an optimised profile, and time to engage on the platform. (Social media is social! It's a two-way conversation - remember that!)

If you're thinking this all sounds very time-consuming, it's really not. Once you have the fundamentals in place, the best time-saving trick is to pre-schedule ahead your weekly content.

The fact that you can schedule ahead text-based posts on LinkedIn makes everyone's lives so much easier. I've tested how pre-scheduling content via native posting impacts performance. The good news? No difference. (Which serves as a reminder to focus on the quality of the content itself; not the "hacks" around it).

Pre-scheduling your content frees you up for 15 mins / day engaging on the platform - responding to comments, commenting on other people's posts, answering messages, accepting requests. etc.

LinkedIn have capitalised on this growing success and recently made a 'Creator mode' for profiles. The key differences between a regular LinkedIn profile and a 'Creator' LinkedIn profile are as follows:

  • First and foremost, LinkedIn pushes people to follow you over connecting. So, you may not need to be connected to every individual to see your posts; it's more about amassing a following in the same way Instagram currently works.

  • Creator mode gives you access to tools like analytics, LinkedIn Live, and LinkedIn Newsletter.

  • And the best thing about Creator profiles is that it makes you eligible for the algorithm to suggest your content to others, therefore continuing to further grow your reach and influence.

If you're interested in learning more about LinkedIn, or organising training for your sales team, then of course connect with me on LinkedIn and shoot me a message!


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