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Bloom Presents Brand Britain - Steph Phi
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Presenter, interviewer, panel moderator

Podcast host

I am the host of 'Time to Bloom', a podcast series that features founder stories, learning the trials and tribulations from those who have been there, done that. 

If you would like to be interviewed for the 2020 series, please fill out this form.

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Watch event videos below:


“Steph was an excellent speaker, sharing her expertise and passion with our audience in a highly actionable way."

- Carolyn Dailey, Founder of Creative Entrepreneurs

“Stephanie provided a really insightful role between us panellists at the Brand Britain event, which was very well managed by her team!”

- Mark Stimpfig, Co-Founder of GTM Global

“Stephanie recently moderated the panel discussion at Creative Futures 6 in East London on Thursday 12th September 2019. At this event, Stephanie proved that she is an eloquent, talented and a fun energy when public speaking. She is clear, concise and understands how to put an audience and it’s speakers at ease. She knows how to curate a discussion and instigate a strong debate that keeps everyone listening. I always enjoy working with Stephanie and am looking forward to the future projects we will be working on together.”

- Sanj Surati, Founder & CEO of Tiger Heart


“Steph is a hugely engaging moderator with a knack for getting the very best out of speakers." 

- Philip Salter, Founder, Founder of The Entrepreneurs Network

“Stephanie was well prepared and provided great insight as a moderator. Add this to charm and wit! What more can you ask for more in a moderator?”

- Brian Hatton, Partner at Q Ventures

“Engaging and energetic is how I’d describe Stephanie in two words. She was not only the organiser for the Brand Britain event, but also acted as a great moderator. She was able to engage with the audience and bring a good discussion in the panel. I look forward to attending her next event!”

Jiao Li, Co-Founder of Crayfish


“Stephanie’s warm personality sets the stage for a free-flowing yet cohesive conversation. I recently attended a panel where she had a diverse set of speakers and she navigated the exchange of thoughts and ideas with finesse.”


- Molshree Vaid, FashTech Consultant