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Public speaker, panel moderator / facilitator, podcast host, businesswoman, thought leader, and VC scout, Stephanie Melodia is humbled to be in the UK’s Top 20 Most Influential Female Founders.


Stephanie is the Founder & CEO of Bloom - the brand marketing agency for high-growth tech scale-ups with clients in the UK’s Top 5 Startups in the countryBloom's work has been featured in the likes of Forbes, The Independent, Sifted, and Startups Magazine to name a few.

Stephanie is also the host of the entrepreneurship podcast, Blooming CEOs (available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify) and the Bloom Presents event series, including the sellout feminist panel events for International Women's Day every March, and business sessions in September.

Furthermore, Stephanie is a contributing writer to Startups Magazine and has been interviewed by Tech.London, Enterprise Nation, General Assembly,, Creative Entrepreneurs, LinkedIn, Found & Flourish, SheAlmighty, Roundhouse, Tiger Heart, Authority Magazine and The Hunter Collective for her expertise and opinions on the fields of entrepreneurship, the London tech scene, feminism, marketing and creativity.


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Stephanie regularly hosts panels, interviews entrepreneurs, and speaks on the subjects of entrepreneurship, creativity, and gender equality. She has moderated and spoken on panel events for the likes of Enterprise Nation, LinkedIn, D&AD, Creative Entrepreneurs, True Global, The Hunter Collective,, Harvey Nash Global, and been interviewed on podcasts for Startups Magazine, SheAlmighty, and Startup Hustle.

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“Steph was an excellent speaker, sharing her expertise and passion with our audience in a highly actionable way."

- Carolyn Dailey, Creative Entrepreneurs

“Stephanie’s warm personality sets the stage for a free-flowing yet cohesive conversation. I recently attended a panel where she navigated the exchange of thoughts and ideas with finesse.”

- Molshree Vaid, Consultant


“Engaging and energetic is how I’d describe Stephanie in two words. She engaged with the audience and brought great discussion to the panel. I look forward to her next event!”

- Jiao Li, Crayfish


"When we were thinking of who could  moderate a panel for our Global International Women’s Day event, Steph immediately came to mind. Firstly because she is so passionate about the topic and advocates in a way that people can connect with… and secondly because I know she invests time.


My decision was a great one as Steph managed to get the balance of bringing the important topic to life enabling great discussions but also ensuring that the facilitation was managed perfectly. Every person on the panel had the opportunity to share their thoughts and in turn it delivered a compelling session. Thanks Steph!"

- Melanie Hayes, Harvey Nash Group




M A K E  Y O U R  B U S I N E S S  B L O OM


Bloom Presents

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