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5 tips to get featured in the LinkedIn News

You open up LinkedIn on your desktop and see trending topics in the top right. 'Finding a job that makes a difference.' 'Twitter may sue over Threads.' 'Venture capital dries up for startups.'

Well, this last topic about VC funding is where the almighty LinkedIn editorial team decided one of my posts was worthy enough to be featured.

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of renowned venture capitalist, Michael Jackson (yup, real name) and Akhil Paul, my post regarding the current startup funding landscape seemed to pique their interest (which, in turn, piqued everyone else's - and bagged me a viral post this past week).

Screenshot of LinkedIn News notification

Want to get featured in the LinkedIn News too?

As an active LinkedIn Creator and professional marketer, I wanted to dissect what made this *particular* post newsworthy. Here's five tips to help your post get noticed by the LinkedIn News team:

1️. Capture the zeitgeist

This is a fancy way of saying make sure that your content is HIGHLY relevant to what's on everyone's minds right now. (In this case: VC funding. This is a hot topic for investors and entrepreneurs alike, where there's been a dramatic shift in valuations, amounts raised, and general movement in the startup funding space).

There are also emotional overtones to this post, too. Founders are feeling deeply frustrated with raising funds for their startup businesses at the moment. Investors are also feeling frustrated with the quality in the market and valuations kept at the same inflated price they were a year or two ago. I talked about something that struck a chord with my followers.

2️. Post when you're inspired

This post in particular of mine was a native, organic post (i.e. not pre-scheduled). I wrote it on the fly, after having a conversation with someone, which links to the above point; I'd just been discussing this IRL, offline, with someone over coffee. I took a real-world subject matter and translated it online, feeling inspired to share it with a wider audience.

3️. Manufacture reach

I tagged the individual with whom I'd just been discussing the same topic over coffee. This helped to "stoke the fire" a little, without being annoyingly spammy.

I also included ten hashtags; a mix of broad reach and relevant terms to increase the chances of it being seen with the intended target audience.

4️. Implement best practice

I used a mix of best practice rules and copy hacks - as I automatically would on LinkedIn these days, anyway. These are things like:

  • Include emojis

  • Ask a question

  • Use short punchy copy

  • Add line breaks for legibility

  • Pepper in some stats/facts & figures

Ultimately, you have to present the content in the most digestible and appealing way possible! (The Internet has given us all ADHD, after all... )

5️. It's a numbers game

Finally, it's worth noting that I post at least once a day Mon-Thurs.

Of all my posts, I didn't expect this one to be picked up by the LinkedIn News team, and I genuinely found it pleasantly surprising.

(The annoying downside is that it's then hard to predict and reverse-engineer success, but this post will certainly help increase your chances of it anyway!)

My point here is that there's an element of volume, or "the numbers game," as salespeople call it. The chances of your single, annual post getting picked up? Slim. If you're regularly posting on a daily basis? The odds go up.

Screenshot of Stephanie Melodia's LinkedIn post that got picked up by the News Team

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Stephanie Melodia has emerged as one of the UK's Top 20 Most Influential Female Founders and an acclaimed public speaker for international tech conferences, business podcasts, marketing webinars, and in-person events.

Stephanie is the CEO of the award-winning marketing agency, Bloom, which she founded before the age of 30. Bloom's innovative marketing work has been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, Sifted, and The Independent, with Bloom's tech scale-up clients ranking among the Top 5 Startups in the country. Stephanie expertly steered her six-figure business through the challenges of the global pandemic, while continuing to support entrepreneurs through her podcast and by connecting underserved founders with venture capital investment opportunities. She is also a passionate advocate for modern feminism and actively promotes gender equality through male allyship.

Today, Stephanie leverages her extensive experience to help ambitious founders scale their technology businesses, offering a unique perspective on the world of early-stage, high-growth enterprises and a refreshing approach to closing the gender gap in diversity and inclusion.



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Instagram - @stephmelodia

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