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Could the return to the office actually Be good for women?

Despite the progress catalysed by lockdown to a more flexible workforce, the pendulum is swinging back to pre-pandemic normality, with more and more of us returning to The Office.

Surely the lousy commute, soggy sandwich lunches, and small talk at the kitchenette were enough to put us off jumping back to the IRL working environment?

But heavy-hitting CEOs like Elon Musk, and VC firms like Lux Capital are among the more powerful leaders in favour of working IRL.

On the surface, it's easy to hear these voices as part of the old guard - in terms of both who they are (male, pale, rich, and stale) and the subject matter ("Get back to the office, now!")


When we consider how much feminism retrograded during lockdown, and all the arguments around better career prospects: could the return to the office be good for women?

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