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My top supplements for optimal performance

As a self-confessed workaholic, it took two burnouts and coaching with the fantastic Reena Dayal to understand that taking care of myself is not an indulgent act of selfishness, but a rational responsibility to myself, my business, and others.

Re-framing self-care as taking care of the company's best asset (me, the boss) and helping me to perform even better (yes, work even harder!!) was exactly what I needed to hear for the penny to drop.

(You'd expect that after experiencing a lifetime of friends, family members, colleagues, and boyfriends tell me to leave work and come out to meet them would have had some effect, but no.... Can you tell I'm a Capricorn?)

So, whilst we're all still a work in progress, here are the top supplements I use that have also been recommended to me by some of the highest-performing executives I've met:

A good night's sleep is the foundation for anyone's health - from feeling good physically to having the mental clarity to take on the day and problem-solve. But as a sufferer of DSPD, a genetic condition that renders my circadian rhythm as bonkers, getting help to go to sleep at a reasonable hour is vital.

The quick dissolve variety in 10mg are my preference from Nature's Bounty, ideally in cherry flavour!

Not only do these tablets help me drift off without all the tossing and turning, but I know my quality of sleep is highly increased when I do doze off. (I naturally feel this but also use a sleep tracker which confirms it!) Whenever I take a melatonin pill, I also wake up feeling so much clearer, brighter, and more energetic.

I try not to rely on sleeping tablets, but after having tried EVERYTHING to get a good night's sleep (and I mean everything), this really is the magic pill - for me at least!

Namedrop alert: these brain supplements were recommended to me by Alison Cooper of Alicia J Diamonds, who previously sold her £45m in-flight food service, En Route International to the Emirates Group. So she could have told me to eat dog sh*t and I probably would have.

Anyway, these Clear Brain tablets support mental performance and memory with extracts of walnut, pine bark and pomegranate. They're dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly!

Containing orange to sweeten the harsh turmeric and ginger, these babies pack a punch - especially for this time of year in the northern hemisphere where the days are short and sunshine is rare.

Getting a health kick in a tiny bottle is so convenient while I'm rushing around, too. The taste alone will wake you up on a grey day!

Buy a pack online for 10% off or at most local supermarkets.

I take a range of vitamins from Boots, (making full use of their permanent 4-for-3 offer and being a proud Advantage Card holder!)

The supplements I enjoy are for skin, hair, and nails. (Even in my 30s, my skin is still prone to acne sometimes! And my nails are like paper).

Sign up to the Advantage Card programme if you're in the UK - it's one of the most successful loyalty schemes and for good reason!

On the subject of skin beauty, I recently finished a pack of VitaBright Marine Collagen tablets, which also contain hyaloronic acid and vitamin C. Our bodies gradually lose collagen, which contributes to overall elasticity and flexibility.

Let me know if you've used any of these before or have any other recommendations that help you to perform your daily best!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a health professional in any sense and do not advise readers to take any of these supplements without checking with your doctor or pharmacist first.

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