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the danger of overthinking

Given my last blog post on here was six months ago - back in May when the leaves were green, the air was fresh, and the temperatures slightly higher - it's appropriate to talk about the dangers of overthinking, or - more specifically - how the mind can lead us to inaction.

Not taking the steps that lead us to our goals can be down to many different things, but stopping and taking a moment to sit in this discomfort to reflect can be so helpful to firstly figuring out what that blockage is in the first place - how ever big or small.

Inaction can be down to so many different things;

  • Fear of failure

  • Perfectionism

  • Impostor syndrome

  • Lacking motivation

  • Overwhelm

Or, it could be the fact that it's been so long since you thought you were last meant to do "that thing" (like write a blog post!) that the sands of time have built up to create this gigantic, insurmountable pyramid.

This is likely down to fear of judgment, particularly in the online space where it feels like everyone is watching.

There is an internal narrative that just makes it way too awkward to post on social, write that blog, pick up that project, or re-connect with that friend. Ya feel me? We've all been there.

The liberating truth is that no-one is watching you. Everyone is thinking the same thing, way too concerned about themselves, to notice how long it's been since they heard from you. No-one is counting the days, weeks, or months like you are.

The second thing to add here is just how admirable it is to get back in the saddle.

Do not overlook the significance of giving it another go, picking things back up again, and having another try.

There's that old saying, if a baby never tried to stand back up again when it fell down trying to walk, we'd be permanently sedentary creatures! The only way we got to walking and running and swimming and talking and laughing and dancing was through many many multiple failed attempts. But those have all receded into the darkness of forgotten memories, now all we have is our enlarged adult ego and social anxieties getting in the way of achieving whatever we want to.

Once you make this realisation that no-one is watching you, and that the only way to achieve something outside of your comfort zone is through many failed attempts, the world really is your oyster.


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