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The Strategy & Tragedy Podcast is HERE!

Strategy & Tragedy is my new business podcast which spotlights the highs, the lows - the strategies and tragedies - of what it REALLY takes to build a successful business today.


Stephanie Melodia is named one of the UK's top 20 most influential female founders after starting her own six figure company in 2017.

But let's rewind the clock; after about a decade working agency side in the ad industry, I transitioned to lead the UK marketing for a Top 10 global app developer, Meitu. And it was around this time that the startup scene was really booming (here in London at least, anyway). I recall visiting one of the first WeWorks in the city and meeting so many vibrant and exciting entrepreneurs who were truly blazing their own trails in business.

I was so inspired by this burgeoning space that I in fact set up my own company, dedicated entirely to helping the start ups and scale ups grow over the years.

At Bloom, we won a few awards and had our work featured in the likes of Forbes, Sifted, The Independent... And crucially, over the six years, we worked with 100s of founders and CEOs.

Combine all this with my role as a VC Scout for Ada Ventures and you get quite a unique perspective into the world of entrepreneurship.

So, after all my years helping founders grow their businesses, I wanted to turn those conversations into a podcast, where I hope you will find lots of inspiration as well as practical takeaways that you can apply to your own company.

Listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, or watch on YouTube.

Which brings me on to the main missions with this show...

This podcast is created based on three core beliefs;

Core belief #1

The first is that the world of entrepreneurship has been overly glamorised in recent years, and the truth is that building a business is often far from glamorous.

Within this is the belief that often the best lessons can come from our biggest mistakes. So the interviews presented to you here on this show are raw, authentic, warts and all accounts of the trials & tribulations of startup and scale up life.

Core belief #2

The second core belief is that there is no rule book when it comes to entrepreneurship. Whether you took business studies at school or invested in an MBA, the truth is nothing compares to doing it for real. That's why these interviews are kept as down to earth as possible, sharing real world accounts (which I think also just so happen to make for the best stories!)

Core belief #3

And lastly, the third belief is that there has been a significant shift in the business landscape, particularly for early stage tech. And now is the time to learn from others who have been there, done that so that you can shortcut your path to success. We've come a long way since the dot com boom and the Silicon Valley buzz and the cold, hard truth is that the tides have now turned. We've seen the rise and fall of some glorified unicorns. It's harder than ever before to raise venture capital investment and huge world events have shaped our macroeconomic environment. This all means that there's been a natural reckoning which is weeding out the tourist entrepreneurs and discouraging unorthodox business strategies. The silver lining to all of this is that the bar being raised means that we'll have better players in the space, many of whom I hope are listening to this exact podcast!

We have some amazing guests lined up, including Simon Squibb (philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, social media influencer); Thomas Panton (neurodiverse climate activist, founder, CEO of Canopey); Heinin Zhang (Y Combinator alumni and Co-Founder of yhangry); Charlotte Morley, who made history on BBC's Dragons Den and many, many more incredible business leaders.

Watch the trailer:


For my VIP listeners here, I am so thankful for you tuning in and for supporting the show right from the very beginning. So to express my sincere gratitude, I have a very special offer for you early adopters.

I am so pleased to partner with Hussle, the singular fitness platform that enables access to gyms, pools, spas and health apps to help you work out in the most flexible way possible.

Exclusively to Strategy & Tragedy, you can redeem a gym and swim pass from your preferred location across 200 plus gyms nationwide simply by tapping the link in the show notes.

You have 30 days from validating the code to use the pass, and the offer is only available to the first ten listeners, so be quick!

Thank you all so much again for being here right from the very beginning. Please subscribe and enjoy the show.

Listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, or watch on YouTube.


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